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  • What kind of members do you accept?
    People working in the arts & culture, and sociological fields are welcome at Round Edge. We have a mix of graphic designers, video makers, photographers, visual artists, architects, an illustrator, and a flower designer. We search for people from different backgrounds and disciplines that can respectfully work together in a shared space.
  • I’m a painter/sculptor, can I join?"
    We welcome all disciplines. Since it is an open shared space, we do have to keep in mind how much space everyone needs individually for their practice. Questions around the nature of your work and how much space you will be using and needing will be asked. The place has good day-light for working - light coming in from the north side, creating a nice soft light. At night, the space is lit by day-light balanced neon light.
  • When can I join?
    We would love to meet you first over a cup of coffee/tea and discuss your practice, aspirations and goals, and share ours with you! Memberships start from the first day of the month until the last day of the month depending on which contract you choose.
  • Do I have to pay a deposit?
    Yes, Round Edge asks for a deposit of 1 month depending on which formula you choose. That deposit gets back to you when you turn back your keys on the end of the month and have cleared your personal belongings from the atelier.
  • How do I get access into the space?
    Round Edge provides every member with a key to access the work space. There are for security 2 additional doors in the building to get to our space, codes will be shared when you become a new member. There is really a 24/7 access, only you won’t be allowed to sleep in the atelier (unless during daytime naps).
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